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Edward Shahda

Education 19681970 at Suheil Ahdab center in HAMA 19711976 at the faculty of fine arts in DAMASCUS 19911992 at Anatoli Klankov Atelier in RUSSIA 1980 2006 Six personal Exhibitions Joint Exhibitions : 1992- joint exhibition with three Russian Artists in Russia 1998- Exhibition of modern Miniatures in Damascus 2000- the Montrose Rendezvous in association with Artists from Lebanon 2001- Women and War Exhibition at the Red Cross center Damascus 2001- Elexanderia Binally 2003- Six Artists Exhibition in Geneva 2005- China International Binally 2005- frur Artists in Turkey - Since 1975 participat in the govemental internal and external exhibitions. - Participated in designing and execution of the decoration works of Diedo and

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