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Mervat Barambo

Mervat Barambo

-Born in Damascus -1977
-Graduated from The faculty of Fine Arts / Department of Visual Communication 2000.

Exhibitions and workshops:
- An Exhibition of "Young Syrian Women Artists " on the occasion of International Womens Day at Kamel Gallery 2oo9.
- An Exhibition of "5 Syrian artist" at Marina Gallery - Kuwait 2009.
- An Exhibition of "Spring Flowers" at Occasion Plus Galleria 2009.
- Competition and workshop "Alleqaa" Kozah Art Gallery -Damascus 2008.
- Symposium of the Almenia University Egypt 2008.
- The First International Painting symposium- Damascus Mashta Alhallo 2008.
- Exhibition in Canadian Embassy Damascus celebration of the "International Womens Day" 2008.
- Exhibition "90 Unique Artists" in Berlin 2008.
- Ateliers" exhibitions of "The Seasons of Tell-Al Hejara" project in the Artistic Area Old City of Damascus 2007.
- Exhibition with "ART20" in Poland "Galleria Sztuki Wspolczesnej" 2007.
-The 10th European symposium, "Rivers dialogue" in Jordon 2007.
-The "Young Artists" Exhibition in Rawaq art Gallery 2000 2003-2006 Damascus.

Mervat Barambo
Damascus- Syria- Alamen Street - Artist Quarter
Mobile: 00963 933646431